Avalanche USDC.e & USDT.e Banks Migrating to Native Versions

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3 min readMay 7, 2022

OH! Finance’s Avalanche banks are soon migrating from USDC.e and USDT.e to their native versions, USDC and USDT, respectively. As a sign of the network’s growth, USDT and USDC launched on Avalanche’s C-Chain late last year.

What This Means for Users

If you have deposited USDC.e or USDT.e into the OH! Finance vaults in the past then you will need to manually migrate your tokens to the new native USDC and USDT vaults when they go live. The team will notify the community in Telegram and Twitter when this occurs.

Migrating your tokens will be a quick and simple process:

  1. With MetaMask connected to the Avalanche network, go to oh.finance and launch the app.
  2. Click on the bank in which you have deposited tokens (USDC.e or USDT.e).
  3. Go to the withdrawal area and click “Max,” then proceed with the withdraw.
  4. Swap your USDC.e or USDT.e for USDC or USDT on a decentralized exchange on Avalanche, such as Trader Joe or Pangolin.
  5. Deposit your USDC or USDT back into the appropriate OH! Finance bank.

How They’re Different

USDC.e is not the same as native USDC. Likewise, USDT.e and USDT are different tokens. For example, you cannot send USDC.e to a Circle deposit address. USDC.e and USDT.e are the bridged versions of their native counterparts. These bridged versions are being phased out on Avalanche, so OH! Finance is following suit.

Note: The below is excerpted from Avalanche’s releases on the launches of native USDC and USDT on their network.

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