Contest: 2 x 500 USDC prize money for two lucky winners!

Dear Community!

We have been working tirelessly to get everything ready and we are very excited over the major events ahead of us: IDO on October 25th on Avalaunch (see announcement) and our platform is planned to go live on October 26th.

To celebrate, we are giving away another 2 x 500 USDC for two lucky winner!

The contest ends on October 29th at 18:00 UTC . Be quick for a chance to win the prize!

How to participate?

Very simple: Please select “ENTER” below to enter the contest

============> ENTER <==========

We thank everyone for your support and wish you success in this contest!

About OH! Finance

Oh! Finance is an optimized yield-generation protocol, focused on reducing risk and increasing volume exposure. Start earning industry-leading interest rates on stablecoins in just a few clicks:

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