How to Use OH! Finance’s Moonriver Vaults

  • MetaMask
  • USDC or USDT tokens in your MetaMask wallet on the Ethereum network
  • ETH tokens in your MetaMask wallet on the Ethereum network
The simplest way to add the Moonriver network to your MetaMask wallet.
1. Go to and click “Launch App.” In the pop-up menu, select “Solarbeam (Moonriver).”
2. If you were on the Ethereum network the site will try to switch you over to the Moonriver network. You don’t want to switch yet, so click “cancel.”
3. Click “Bridge” in the top row menu to go to the Solarbeam Bridge site. The correct direction for bridging is pictured here— from Ethereum to Moonriver. If it shows anything else then switch to the Ethereum network in MetaMask. Note the minimum and maximum bridge amounts at the bottom of the page.
4. On the same bridge page as in step 3, click “Select a token” and then select USDC or USDT.
5. Enter the amount of USDC or USDT you want to send across the bridge then click “Bridge [USDC or USDT].” You will need ETH in your wallet on the Ethereum network to pay for the transaction (gas).
6. When the pop-up appears, click “Bridge [USDC or USDT]” again.
7. MetaMask gives you a pop-up showing the estimated gas fee for the bridging transaction. Click “Confirm” if you’re satisfied with the settings. This will initiate the bridge transaction, which takes a few minutes to complete.
8. You can switch MetaMask over to the Moonriver network while you wait.
9. If you’re on the Moonriver network then you’ll see when the bridge transaction completes in the History tab on the bridge site. The USDC or USDT tokens you send from Ethereum to Moonriver will now appear in your MetaMask wallet when you connect your wallet to the Moonriver network.
10. Open MetaMask then click “Import tokens” (left) then copy-paste the appropriate contract address given below into the “Token Contract Address” field (right).
11. With MetaMask on the Moonriver network, select the “Swap for Gas” tab on the bridge site, then select which token you want to spend to get MOVR. Select whichever token you bridged over — that is, USDC or USDT. This is a gas-less transaction, although there is a 1% fee on every swap, so it’s not free. According to the site, you can pay gas for about 10 transactions with 0.01 MOVR, but it never hurts to have a little extra just in case. Click “Approve & Swap” to initiate the swap.
12. Initiating the swap (see step 11) will bring up two successive MetaMask pop-ups. You will need to “Sign” both to complete the swap. Once completed, you have successfully swapped USDC or USDT for MOVR and now have MOVR in your MetaMask wallet on MOVR. You’re ready to roll!
13. Staying on the Moonriver network, go to Now click “Launch App.”
14. Click “Earn” on the left side. You’re so close!
15. Click “Deposit” if you haven’t used the vault yet or “+” if you already have tokens in the vault.
16. In the pop-up window, input the number of USDC or USDT tokens you want to deposit and click “Deposit” again.
17. When the next pop-up window appears, verify the information and then click “Deposit.” When you deposit USDC or USDT into the OH! Finance vaults you are given OH-USDC or OH-USDT, respectively, in your MetaMask wallet in return. These are your deposit receipt tokens. Keep these — you will need them if you ever want to withdraw your tokens.
18. A MetaMask pop-up appears. Click “Confirm” to execute the transaction.



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