It’s Live! — Grow your USDC.e with Oh! Finance on our Avalanche Defi Index using Aave, Banker Joe, & Benqi

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2 min readNov 4, 2021


The time has come: We are live on Avalanche!

We have steamed ahead relentlessly to validate and deploy our first strategy on the protocols operating on Avalanche. We reinforced our team with extra resources, and we are ahead of our schedule! We expect to further speed up all our developments, including the new UI, Ethereum strategy updates, cross-chain integration, and liquidity expansions!

The modular nature of our framework allows for us to seamlessly add indexes and update the underlying strategies, a big step towards composability that will work hand in hand with the Oh governance approach for users to create the product they want to use. A more detailed article with our architect and dev team will explore how composability works and what we have planned for our users on our roadmap.

Though in the meantime, it allowed us to have our strategies proven to be effective on Ethereum, with yield rates fluctuating between 6 and 10.89%, outperforming comfortably the underlying protocols (Aave, Curve and Compound), their returns ranging between 2.9% and 4.98%. We expect even higher performance as we refine our strategies on Avalanche!

We are excited to offer a platform to optimize simultaneously on several protocols to extract the best possible yield, and it works! We are just getting started with the Aave, Banker Joe and Benqi strategies, expect more to be deployed in our quest to for the maximum yield return.

Stake USDC.e on Oh Finance

How to get hold of USDC.e to stake on Avalanche:

  • Option 1: Bridge USDC from Ethereum to Avalanche with the official AB bridge
  • Option 2: Buy AVAX on a centralized exchange (like Coinbase,, Binance, etc), send it to your MetaMask on the c-chain, swap AVAX to USDC.e on Trader Joe

And voilà, stake your USDC.e on Oh Finance!

About OH! Finance

Oh! Finance is an optimized yield-generation protocol, focused on reducing risk and increasing volume exposure. Start earning industry-leading interest rates on stablecoins in just a few clicks:

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