Oh! Finance welcomes Mike Miglio as a Strategic Advisor

Oh Finance
2 min readMay 17, 2021


Trust, safety, and security. These are three words that mean a tremendous amount to the Oh! Finance team. We are building what we believe to be the best DeFi lending platform that exists today. To have the best platform that instills trust, safety, security starts with having the best team and advisors. This is why Oh! is incredibly excited to announce Mike Miglio, CEO of Bridge Mutual, as a Strategic Advisor.

Mike brings an enormous wealth of knowledge to the table that will of great assistance to the Oh! team.

First, as CEO of a DeFi insurance company, he provides us with a natural partner to launch our insurance offerings with. The black swan event is never one that we want to ever have to prepare for, but Bridge Mutual provides us an offering to our users to ensure they can protect their funds against hacks and exploits.

Second, prior to launching Bridge Mutual, Mike was founder and managing partner of the esteemed cryptocurrency law firm, Wolfe Miglio. He’ll be able to provide unique insight to the regulations landscape as it relates to lending and stablecoins in the months and years to come.

Finally, Mike has advised and helped launch dozens of other cryptocurrency projects such as Polylastic, QTUM, Certik, Gate.io, NOIA, and Akropolis — on top of Bridge Mutual! This means he carries a wealth of experience and knowledge that can only be learned through having “been there” and “done that” which will be invaluable to our team!

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