Strategy update: Curve has replaced Aave on Avalanche! Improved APY incoming!

Oh Finance
2 min readNov 17, 2021

Our prior USDC.e yield sat around 8–9%. Today we’ve successfully replaced our existing native AAVE strategy with the much higher earning Curve strategy that still utilizes AAVE. Our goal is to safely provide high yield while limiting risk. As our ambition is to become THE Bank of DeFi, we have to make sure that we always thread on the safe side, with careful and well weighted decisions about our strategies. However, we are committed to staying agile enough to take advantage of any opportunities to improve the yield rate.

We are now seeing and expect the yield rate to show 15%+ APY with this strategy change.

We are always going to play it safe — only applying our strategies on low risk underlying protocols, such as Curve, BenQi, Banker Joe, and Aave. You may find better yields on stables elsewhere, but often in liquidity pools with risks of leverage, impermanent loss, or total decrease in pool value because the paired token is going down in price. Some lending protocols have risks of liquidation, which would mean a total loss of the invested fund should that happen.

Curve is a trusted platform and on Avalanche, it is currently offering incredible incentives, so for the time being, we have pivoted our Aave strategy to the Curve one, we expect a significant increase of our yield rate by doing so!

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