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3 min readOct 29, 2021



We made history!

Oh! Finance made history on October 25th with Avalaunch: We are officially the IDO with one of the largest raise to date on the Avalanche ecosystem!

To summarize:

  • 10,524 registrations, and 9,974 actual participants
  • $579,440 raised

Following the incredible demand for the OH token, we worked together with the Avalaunch team for a community action! The OH! raise would not have been as successful as it was without the incredible Avalaunch community. Because of this wealth of support, the Avalaunch and OH teams saw an opportunity to give back. The Avalaunch team bought 1.25M OH tokens from the OH team as a gift to distribute to XAVA holders. This is our way of saying thank you!

Some facts

  • Did you notice that we are listed on Coingecko at ?
  • Our Telegram community has more than tripled since a few weeks, we have spun off a Turkish OH community as well!
  • You can grow your assets with the OH token by providing liquidity on Trader Joe (yesterday, more than 200% APR!).

Model is working!

We are live on the Ethereum network where USDC can be staked. Our model is proving to be working: Our product is currently pulling a 6.74% as yield rate (that is fluctuating between 6 and 10.89%), which is significantly more than traditional hedge fund considers as ‘good’ in risk-off assets.

Just wait until we go live on Avalanche where projected 10 to 21% returns go live! There are upgrades coming to the Ethereum strategy to help increase existing yield, and users will have the choice between rock solid Ethereum, and the potential successor with Avalanche and AVAX.

Although, with our automated yield compounding strategy, we are already outperforming the underlying protocols we operate on (Aave, Curve and Compound), with returns ranging between 2.9% and 4.98% and expect to outperform the lending platforms on Avalanche as well! This means our strategy is generating between 175–375 basis points more than the underlying assets.

Kicking up a gear soon

On the Avalanche network, we will apply our magic on Banker Joe, Benqi, Aave, and Curve. That’s where the 10 to 30% yield opportunities will reside. We will go live once our strategy has been thoroughly validated and tested with these protocols, we always have security of our community funds as absolute priority!

As a reminder, we have chosen Avalanche as our main ecosystem, simply because we believe it’s the best chain for DeFi: Decentralized, scalable, reliable, fast, instant finality, inexpensive transaction fees and interconnected to many other blockchains. It’s well on its way to become a powerhouse and has already grown massively in TVL over the summer: See

Many projects have launched or are branching to Avalanche, offering great incentives: Oh! Finance is tapping into these, with an optimized strategy to automate the round the clock detection of the best yield opportunities and decision process to enter/exit.

We expect to deploy on Avalanche in the coming weeks, together with a complete overhaul of our front-end interface to improve the user experience of our platform.

Our development plan doesn’t stop there, though! Next on our agenda, is to connect with other ecosystems to seamlessly pull more liquidity into Oh! Finance and power the profit share model seen here:

We’re excited to have OH emissions & staking close to completion and there is much more to come on our roadmap! The roadmap is focused on delivering Avalanche strategies at the best yield possible along with simple to use products. Please check the launch phases and roadmap overview on here.

We are looking forward to all these evolutions, we are just at the start of our journey!

About OH! Finance

Oh! Finance is an optimized yield-generation protocol, focused on reducing risk and increasing volume exposure. Start earning industry-leading interest rates on stablecoins in just a few clicks:

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